Thanks so much for everything.  If we didn’t laugh so often I would have cried much more – thanks for that!

Thanks for your thoroughness and integrity in this matter.

Thank you so much for everything over these past several months…This has been an excruciatingly difficult experience (which I think you understand, having first-hand knowledge of the divorce process) and I can’t really begin to tell you how much your support has meant.  At times when I’ve felt like I was in la-la-land, you’ve helped me see things clearly, and you’ve validated–and advocated for– my position on legal and parenting issues.  That has been really huge, and I can’t thank you enough.

I was forwarded an email inquiring whether the GAL report should be disseminated in this case before trial and [the Judge’s] general policy.  In short, because Ms. Limehouse is known and trusted by our chambers, we will allow her to decide whether and when she wants to disseminate the report… If we are working with a new GAL, we do not allow them to disseminate the report without us reviewing first.

I will definitely come to you if I ever need help in the future… I will also continue to recommend you to anyone I come across that needs your services…You are amazing at what you do and in my opinion the very best!!! If you need a reference don’t hesitate to ask me.

Thank so much for your assistance. You’ve just been the best possible lawyer I can imagine: kind, knowledgeable, and generous. Not many like you, I would imagine.

Thank you Alice so much – I know I was a nightmare of a client but I appreciate your patience.

Thanks Alice for your work on this matter.  I am very satisfied with the terms of my divorce.  I’ll keep the referrals coming to you.



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